Podcast with Avishek Saha from ‘Stop Being Confused About Health’

A few days ago I did a podcast with Avishek Saha from Stop Being Confused About Health.

We covered a range of issues, beginning with my own story of how I suffered with chronic fatigue syndrome in my early 20s, how I went through a range of different diets and almost died from a raw vegan diet until I found the right path.

I have been through three different health crises during my 63 years of life. Each time I have turned to various fad diets initially for answers. But eventually I have found the truth to be much more straightforward and based around a moderate, balanced approach to eating.

In this podcast we also cover topics such as whether or not we should eat dairy products, the true Mediterranean diet, exercise and a look at the best diet to overcome hypoglycemia – in fact, the only diet I believe will cure hypoglycemia rather than just mask the symptoms.

7 thoughts on “Podcast with Avishek Saha from ‘Stop Being Confused About Health’”

  1. Chris, When I have lunch at that time every day I get very cold, just at the time I am eating.
    Getting cold only at the time of starting to eat lunch. After a while that I had stopped
    and finished eating the cold is gone again. This cold happens in my house as I eat and
    at another place that I eat the cold comes again. I don’t understand why this cold comes on me. It was not before this year.

    Please let me know what this cold is for me. Have you heard it on other people that have
    Hypoglycemia. I would appreciate to know what this is. Thank you. Peggy

    • Hi Peggy,

      That’s an interesting question about feeling cold when eating. It might be something to do with your thyroid being low. When you eat, your body has to put energy into digesting the food. So, if your overall energy level is low, you don’t have much energy left to keep your body temperature up to normal while digesting the food, so could cause you to feel cold.

  2. Exactly Mr.Chris, I have completely stopped sugar in any form, even sweet fruits. The best diet treatment I have found, i.e. I do roast wheat Bulgar first than cook it in pressure cooker, with leafy vegetable and pulses I do prepare two heavy meal for a day, rest I need two very little breakfast during 24 hours.
    I have fixed quantity of heavy diet and small breakfast. After this I don’t have any symptoms of RH. An hour Morning walk, 200 skipping, yoga etc. after this too I don’t feel any symptoms. I do 10 hours office work, but I do keep my lunch with me. The main problem is RH victims do take sweet after this never symptoms gone.
    Thank you.

  3. How do you fast before ahospital procedure when you can’t go over 5 hrs ? I don’t think putting me on sglucose drip would help..I remember eating wine gums when I went over the 5 hrs once and started feeling bad..and it didn’t help…I remembered I had some cottage cheese in the car, and had that, I was ok then…I don’t know how to get out of this Chris.

  4. Yes , I’m 63 too..have been overweight for many yrs, due to stress eating =sugar, crave sugar….I’ve got enough diet books to fill a shop. ..I did byyour book several yrs ago Chris. ..but the stress continued, and seems to get worse each year for some reason. I eat 3 meals a day….it was discovered in June I had acid reflux and Barrett’s , silent , I had no symptoms. …so the sugar is now going out the window. I can’t tolerate fruit ., or dairy. The way I was eating, I knew I was on a downward slope. I’m nearly 16 stone….I’ve had hypogleicemia for 15 yrs, but I’m fine if I stick ridgidly to my eating every 4-5 hrs, after that I’ve got probs. I always have protein and carbs. I’ve refused two colonoscopies as I just cannot do the day before just on liquids .its effected my life in a bad way , having had hypos 3 times whilst driving …that was 15 yrs ago, and it knocked my confidence so much I haven’t been able to drive since ..and with my hubby now having Parkinson’s , I can’t depend on him. ..

    • Linda, the first thing is to stop eating sugar in any form. I think you know this already but it can be an addication, which is hard to overcome. You would be amazed how quickly your blood sugar would stabilize if you cut out sugar and just ate three balanced meals a day. You might need a small snack initially but aim for balanced meals and get rid of that sugar once and for all.


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